1            ELIGIBILITY

1.1            Only amateur choirs comprising a capella singers may take part. For this event an amateur choir is defined as one which does not pay its singers or conductor and is not paid to perform.

1.2            Choirs must have at least 10 and no more than 50 members.

1.3            Neither instrumental accompaniment nor amplification are permissible during competition.

2            COMPETITION

2.1            For the initial heats, choirs will be balloted into four pools of not less than four and not more than six choirs (P1-P4) in each pool;

2.1.1        – there will be four pools in the heats, which will be conducted over two days;

2.1.2        – each choir will sing off against each other choir in their pool, and (only) the top two in each pool will progress to the next level (this will yield 6 sings in each pool).

2.2            At the semi final heats the eight winners and second placegetters of each pool will be balloted again into new  pools to compete with each other (P5 and P6)

2.2.1        – there will be two pools in the semi-finals, which will be conducted over one day;

2.2.2        – each choir will sing off against each other choir in their pool, and (only) the top two in each pool will progress to the next level which is the finals (this will yield six sings in each pool).

2.3            At the final heat the four winners and second placegetters of pools 5 and 6 will sing off against each other and the winner and second place getter will be decided from these results.

2.3.1        – The winner at the end is the choir which progresses through all the rounds and has the highest score in the final.

Second place is determined in the same way.

2.3.2        – The score-sheet will be updated regularly on the Rotary club of Milton-Ulladulla’s website and Facebook page.

3            MUSIC

3.1            The music presentation of each choir is free, except that only one song may be repeated between heats and semi-finals; and

3.1.1        – in the final the program of each choir must include a rendition (in any form) of the required song

3.2            Each choir is allocated 30 minutes for their performance including entrance, exit or applause – or Judges commentary and Q&A and subject to the following:

3.2.1        – the total duration of any song should not exceed 4 minutes; and

3.2.2        – the total stage performance must be not less than 15 minutes nor more than 20 minutes,

3.3            All performances will take place before an audience.

3.4            For Choirs who may wish to participate, the Rotary Club of Milton Ulladulla will organise concerts in the local area during the period of the Competition, without remuneration for choirs or performers:

3.4.1        – All registering choirs are asked to indicate if they wish to participate in these additional concerts which will be in parallel with, but not clash with, the Competition concerts.

4            JUDGING

4.1            It is suggested that choirs be mindful of the arrangement of their performances and consider the balance of  the differing musical characteristics of their pieces so as best to display the choir’s and singers’ knowledge, abilities and skill sets whilst maintaining public interest and entertainment value.

4.2            Performances of choirs will be evaluated during each heat by a jury of three professional choristers and/or musicians as follows:

criterion points criterion points criterion



10 intonation 10 Style and ensemble 10




Selection of repertoire


diversity 10 entertainment 10 Stage behaviour


4.3            The same criteria will apply during the final heats, except that choirs are now restricted to four pieces, two of which must be different from those sung in the heats, and one must be the required song.

4.4            Judges will provide each choir with feedback and commentary after each performance.

4.5            Scores will be awarded out of 100 as above and the Jury’s decisions are final.

5            PRIZES:

FIRST PLACE: $5,000 ($10,000)* in cash

SECOND PLACE: $2,500 ($5,000)* in cash

* higher figures available only if there are sufficient entries to cover the extra cost. As this is an inaugural event, the Rotary Club reserves the right to vary prize money based on the circumstances obtaining during the event.

6            LIABILITY

6.1            The Rotary Club of Milton-Ulladulla is responsible only for the proper and timely execution of the events comprising the “Under Didthul” choral competition (The Event). No liability is accepted for travel arrangements to or from, or for loss or damage during, The Event, or due to issues arising with accommodation or transport.

6.2            The Rotary Club will obtain an appropriate Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) license for The Event, and carries appropriate third party and public liability insurances.

Download the Rules in pdf, click HERE.